Wedding destinations in Sicily

Wedding destinations in Sicily


Taormina is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the world, a magnificient wedding location and the top place to get married in Sicily.

It’s a nice small town located in eastern Sicily, half-way between Catania and Messina, about 65 km from Catania airport. Highway A19 takes directly from Catania International Airport to Taormina area.

The territory is quite wide, going from the sea up to the hill, where the Medieval-style centre of the town is located.

As soon as you arrive in Taormina, you will feel the magical, mythical atmosphere spread all around which has enchanted visitors from all over the world for years and years. Its glorious position settled spread over a terrace on Monte Tauro at about 200 mt a.s.l., Taormina dominates two grand, sweeping bays below and on the southern side, the top of Mount Etna, the highest European active volcano, often capped with snow, offering to the visitors a breathtaking, dramatic and memorable views.

Taormina really seems to be born as a touristic resort since past times, when ancient people like the Sicels, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards chose it as their residential site thanks to its favourable position, mild climate and magic atmosphere. In 1787 J.W.Goethe discovered the beauties of Sicily and, in particular, of Taormina describing it as a “patch of paradise”. Since then many important celebrities visited Taormina, electing it as their “escapade place ” from chaotic city life. Patrik Brydone D.H. Lawrence, Truman Capote, Alexander Dumas, Anatole France, Andrè Gide, Paul Klee, Guy de Maupassant, Luigi Pirandello, John Steinbeck, Gustav Klimt, Oscar Wilde, Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms spent happy moments here. Movie, theatre and music celebrities such as Ingmar Bergmann, Francis Ford Coppola, Leonard Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Federico Fellini, Cary Grant, Tyrone Power, Gregory Peck, Marcello Mastroianni, Woody Allen and many Hollywood celebrities have spent pleasant and memorable holidays in the Mediterranean pearl.

Since the opening of the first hotel in 1874, Taormina has become one of the world top touristic destinations where visitors can experience a perfect combination of old times charming atmosphere, preservation of history and culture, an elegant and lively way of life to be enjoyed in relaxing walks through the old town pedestrian areas.

There is a lot to do and see : top level art performances at the Greek theatre, several painting exhibitions held in local palazzi and churces, fine elegant shopping along the famous “Corso Umberto” with its cafès and pastry shops.

Taormina boasts a number of very important monuments that may be the best background for your marriage (and your pictures too), above all the Ancient Gree-Roman theatre, probably built by the Greeks around the middle of the third century B.C., and then completely reworked by the Romans.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton spent twice their honey-moon in Taormina!
You can decide for a wedding in Taormina in one of the many churches placed around the town, like the Cathedral, St. Pancras’ church, St. Catherine’s church, St. George’s church.


Erice is a taste of medieval centuries past, consisting of of cobbled streets, arched passageways, narrow alleys, cool breezes, stunning views, and lovely sunsets over the Western Mediterranean coastline. A hilltop-charming town at 2625 feet above sea level, Erice sits on a mountainous peak with a splendid view over the Egadi’s islands.

Exploring the streets of Erice, which often accommodate only one person and are lined with a fruitful assortment of flowers, trees and greenery, is a plunge into history: its historic centre is animated with artisans shops of any kind: taste the almond pastry production made by the local nuns which nowadays is offered as a local specialty in the artisan shop of Maria Grammatico; enjoy fine ceramic and hand-made carpet shops; stroll around the alleys discovering the hidden world of flowered courtyards as well as the Castle of Venus, a 12th century medieval stronghold, and the luxuriant Garden of the Balio.

A favored feature of Erice would be the afternoon clouds and mists that roll in and quickly transform this mountain town to another time and place; where myth and history intermingle in the varied architecture that greets you and your guests with every turn.

A wedding in Erice has the charm of ancient times and the intimacy of a pure romantic moment: a medieval private owned Castle, considerably restored in the last years and converted into a luxury small resort of 7 rooms can be elected as the perfect venue for your wedding reception and leave you memorable moments for the rest of your life.


This charming and graceful town faces the Tyrrhenian Sea from a prominent limestone overlook. A captivating fishing village in days past, Cefalu` is now a seaside town beneath a steep mountain complete with a maze of medieval streets, beach, and delightful restaurants.

Its Duomo or Cathedral, distinctly Arab-Norman in style and known for it mosaics, is quite an artistic accomplishment and considered one of the greatest churches of southern Europe.

Make your way up the summit and gaze down below at the town, cathedral, mountains and sea. Viewed at night from the coast to the west, the illuminated mountain makes for an incredible celebratory site. Capture the city’s medieval grandeur and the outstanding natural and artistic features it has to offer.

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