– Where is Sicily?

Sicily is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. It is an island located in the south of Italy and offfers two international airports, Palermo and Catania, and two minor ones, Comiso and Trapani.

– In which cities do you plan weddings?

Taormina area is our top wedding destination but you can opt for any area or venue you like most. Have a look at our preferred venues or ask for our suggestion.
Heritage weddings can be planned  as well, for couples of Sicilian origins, if you would like to marry in the town where your family comes from.

– What kind of weddings can you organize and where?

In any wedding destination in Sicily we can plan both civil weddings to be held in the local Town Hall and Catholic ceremonies in many beautiful churches. In Taormina we can also plan (depending on the season)  Anglican-Episcopal weddings and the local Anglican church.There are no synagogues or Jewish congregations in Sicily but we can organize a Jewish ceremony if your rabbi consents to coming to Sicily and performing your wedding outside what he may consider a traditional setting.
Symbolic weddings or renewal of vows can take many form and we can easily design and manage them according your dreams. A Catholic or Anglican renewal of vows is essentially similar to a marriage mass.
Only Anglican ceremonies are celebrated in English, but a translation is provided for civil and Cathoic ones.

– Is an Italian civil wedding recognised outside Italy?

Yes, it is. In some nations, you may wish to file a copy of your (multilingual) Italian marriage certificate with your local vital records registrar.

– What about wedding documentation?

Wedding documentation depends on the kind of ceremony you would like to have.
For civil ceremonies, your wedding documentation must be processed in advance through an Italian consulate. (We’ll advise on details.) This condition doesn’t apply to a Roman Catholic wedding which, however, presupposes a prior civil ceremony in your own country.
Please, ask for details once you have selected the kind of ceremony to have.

– Can you help with legal (or ecclesiastical) documentation?

Yes, we can help guide you with this when you become our client.  A marriage is a legal (or religious) act. Preliminary civil documentation can be processed through the nearest Italian consulate in your own country, religious preparation and documentation through your priest (or other clergy if you’re not Catholic or Anglican-Episcopalian). Foreign couples planning a religious wedding in Italy should also plan a civil wedding in their own country of residence (as Catholic weddings celebrated in Italy for non-residents of Italy do not enjoy full legal recognition outside the Italian Republic and Vatican City), and Catholic couples should enroll in a Pre-Cana (marriage preparation) session at least six months before their wedding date.

– If I plan my wedding in Sicily by my own can you help with details?

No, sorry we can’t. We only design and manage entire weddings.

– What’s it like working with you to plan my wedding?

The wedding day is the best day of your life and we would like to make your wedding dream come true! Planning a wedding is a hard work and we will support you step by step go plan and go through every single detail.
Before hiring us you may decide to get in contact with us by phone or even to come to Sicily to brief us for a personal consultation. We usually do not apply a consulting fees if you step by to our office for a short meeting. If you require a half-day or full-day meeting we will apply a fee (Eur 250,00 for a half-day, Eur 350,00 for a full-day) which will be deducted from our planning fees if/when you actually commission us.
If you decide to work with us, our wedding coordinator will contact have a first telephone contact with you to work out over details and you will be soon after provided with full info and contact details by email. You will be requested to sign a formal contract with description of our terms and conditions. When we receive (by fax) copy of the contract duly filled and signed, we will start planning your wedding in Sicily.
During the planning stage we’ll in contact with you by email, fax or phone. We look forward to meeting both of you when you arrive for your wedding. Of course, if we are already planning your wedding, and you happen to be visiting Sicily before that special day, we’d love to meet you. We assure you we will handle everything personally. We work directly with vendors and other services to ensure that every detail is planned to your wishes. Nothing is left to chance.

– How much time do we need to plan my wedding?

This is a very important question. It’s best to plan very early as in Sicily, where weddings are monumental occasions, brides often reserve churches and reception venues a year in advance. Only if you reserve early, can we guarantee the venues of your choice. We usually begin planning your religious wedding ceremony at least eight months before its date, though it is sometimes possible to plan a civil wedding within four months of its planned date.

– What about you service cost and how to macht it with my budget?

We understand that costs are an important consideration. That’s why it is important to for you and for us to have a budget since the very beginning of the planning stage. This will be one of our first questions to you. We’ll make every effort to plan your wedding and reception within your budget. Obviously, it is up to you to select options based on your affordability. The total costs of your wedding depend on your choices in options (photography, flowers, reception venue, etc.) and the number of guests. You’ll receive a precise quote based on the services you choose.
Our fees (built into the costs for the total package) are the same regardless of which options you choose. Please consider, however, that we offer a customized, professional service. Please don’t ask us to plan your wedding for a few hundred euros or dollars as the typical wedding we plan for a small bridal party may costs several thousand euros or dollars.

Foreign Embassies in Italy
Please, find hereunder a short list of Foreign Embassies in Italy where you can find info and details about documentation to get married in Italy








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If your Embassy is not listed please, do not hesitate to contact us.