Whatever is the venue of your dream, the reception will match it perfectly!

Sicilian people use to say that the best way to share a joyful occasion with family and friends is with good food and good wines, during well-served meals, in a place you feel comfortable with.

With Weddings in Sicily, weather it is a local cuisine menu or a gourmet one, your reception will take place in a special place and always be an unforgettable culinary experience for you and your guests.


Quality banqueting: A unique sensorial experience!

At Wedding in Sicily we know we have a huge responsibility when handling catering and banqueting services for your wedding day. That’s why we work with top suppliers able to guarantee the highest possible quality, fine presentation, professional staff, exquisite mise en place.
We will work step by step with you to design a unique sensorial experience to complete at best the best day of your life.
According to the number of your guests, the venue, the style of your wedding will be reflected into the menu as well.
A typical wedding meal goes from aperitif and starters to the classic Sicilian wedding cake and champagne.
No matter what your budget is, suggested menus will be always based on seasonal ingredients and only include premium quality regional products. You will be welcome to make any addition or change to personalize any menu according to your own individual taste. A selection of the best Sicilian wines will be discussed to macth perfectly with dishes.
Special menus for vegetarians, vegans, special needs and children are always available.


Table setting: always a stylish mise en place!

At Weddings in Sicily details are the keys of succes.
The quality we offer refers to food as well as to the all the finishing touches of a wedding banqueting: tablecloths, crystal and silverware, flower decorations, chairs and any other special arrangement that will fulfil your wishes and dreams. Whatever your wedding style and theme is, we will help you finalize every single details.


Wedding cake: The cut of the wedding cake is the symbol of your love!

The significance of the wedding cake has been loaded with symbolism – whether the bride and groom’s first cut represents fertility, the first meal of a married couple or the beginning of a shared life – or simply the end of the wedding reception.The wedding cake should be cut just before dessert at a luncheon or dinner reception, just after the guests have been received at a tea or cocktail reception. Your groom places his right hand over yours and together you cut into the bottom layer with a ribbon-tied silver knife. The bride and groom traditionally share the first slice as a symbol of their willingness to share each other’s household from then on.
No matter if you prefer the simple elegance of a round cake or the stylish sophistication of cupcakes, at Wedding in Sicily we can offer a wide range of options from the traditional to the much more creative wedding cakes, according to your style and in a variety of shapes, dcorations and flavours.


Wedding favours: our bomboniere!

The name bomboniera (wedding favors) comes from the French Bon-bon meaning small cake and dates back since the end of the 16th century when they were filled with sugar.
In Sicily bomboniera and confetti are usually given at the end of the reception to your guests to thank them for sharing with you the best day of your life.
Nowadays the bomboniera is a symbolic gift to give also to all those relatives and friends who coudn’t be at your wedding day, but have shared your joy with a card, a letter, a present, a thought.
It might be a ceramic item, or a silver one, an artistic item, a small book, a picture with its frame, a music CD or just whatever you would like it to be. just remeber that according to the rule, bomboniere have to be the same for all guests (with the exception of the witnesses).
It goes together with confetti made of pure white sugar and almond, given in odd number, usually five per person  meaning health, wealth, long life, fertility, happiness.
At Weddings in Sicily we can assist you selecting the best wedding favor and confetti according to your taste and your budget.